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Studio time

The spaces that creative people work in are endlessly fascinating to me. Studio visits are a joy I hadn’t anticipated when I founded Huntingdon Art Gallery in 2022, and are now my favourite part of exhibition planning. It’s easy to be interested in and curious about someone else’s space, but not always so easy to invite people into your own – particularly working spaces where there may be work in progress or things that didn’t quite work out on view which you wouldn’t normally want anyone else to see.

In March 2023 I took the plunge myself and invited photographer Mark Morgan to my own studio. Mark shares my fascination with maker’s spaces, to the extent that he’s developed an ongoing piece of work creating amazing 360 views which not only give other people a glimpse but also gives the studio owners a new perspective on the places they work in.

© Mark Morgan

This is the result of Mark’s visit to my Cambridge studio. Visit Mark’s website for more!


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